Amidst global stevia supply chain challenges, iconic U.S. sweetener brand completes integrated supply chain with the addition of extraction plant in South America for its natural zero calorie stevia sweetener, NutraSweetM™.
AUGUSTA, United States – March 29, 2023 – NutraSweet, the iconic sweetener brand, has become the world’s only stevia producer with an owned and fully-integrated supply chain that includes sourcing and extraction in South America and production in the U.S. Over the past few years, NutraSweet has undergone strategic changes to now focus entirely on natural sweeteners.  

Combined, the facilities provide the perfect supply chain solution, with optimal growing conditions for cultivating stevia – which originates from South America – in Peru, and extensive bioconversion and processing capabilities in the U.S.  

NutraSweetM is a new natural sweetener that unlocks the true potential of stevia to deliver exceptional sweet taste – while streamlining processing and boosting sustainability of the final product. When using NutraSweetM, product developers do not need flavor maskers which will simplify their formulations. It is produced at an advanced bioconversion and processing plant in Augusta, U.S., using natural ingredients grown, harvested, and shipped directly from NutraSweet’s newly-acquired extraction plant in Paita, Peru, which is served by select stevia farmers from across the region.

The Augusta site is one of the largest precision-fermentation and bioconversion facilities in the U.S. with a team of around 150 engineers, production- and logistics experts. The Paita site is the largest, granulated stevia extraction facility in both South- and Central America, and will ultimately employ up to 100 specialist staff.  
Quality and control from seedling to end product
“In addition to producing a brand-new natural sweetener that performs better, we can ensure quality and traceability from seedling to end product,” says Brendan Naulty, President, Sweeteners and Natural Ingredients at NutraSweet. “Moreover, in today’s volatile world, we are unique in offering an integrated supply chain and supply security to customers.”  

Research and development uncovered the potential of a sweet compound, called Rebaudioside M, or Reb M, found in the leaf of the stevia plant. NutraSweet then worked closely with Manus, a leading synthetic biology company, to develop and scale-up the process for bioconversion of stevia extract to harness and enrich the Reb M content.  

“The use of Reb M sets NutraSweetM apart from other forms of stevia which carry a bitter aftertaste,” adds Naulty. “Its clean, sugar-like taste is ideal for use in beverages, bakery, and confectionery. As it tastes more like sugar than earlier generations of stevia, it is easy to use in formulations without expensive flavor enhancers, maskers, or other modulators.”    

The most sustainable solution on the market
As consumers increasingly prioritize health, wellness, and sustainability, and require better, tastier, and healthier options for the food and beverages that they consume, sugar reduction, as well as environmental footprint, continue to be key focuses for food manufacturers.  

“As a new-generation stevia sweetener, NutraSweetM is made through sustainable practices, which preserve the planet’s resources while meeting the consumer’s desire to lead a healthier lifestyle,” remarks Brendan Naulty. “The result is the perfect natural sweetener with a taste that matches sugar, and long-term availability that will reliably meet the supply needs of the food industry, and the environment.”     

Facts about NutraSweet, NutraSweetM, and Manus

  • NutraSweet, the iconic sweetener brand now focused entirely on natural sweeteners, has launched NutraSweetM.
  • NutraSweetM is a plant-based all-natural ingredient. The base ingredient behind the sugar-matching sweetness is Rebaudioside M, or Reb M, which is a sweet compound found in the leaf of a stevia plant.
  • Rebaudioside M sets NutraSweetM apart from competitors as many of them use other forms of stevia from the plant which are less soluble and result in a bitter taste. Learn more about NutraSweetM here.
  • Manus is a leading synthetic biology company that has developed a revolutionary data- and insight-driven cell factory engineering approach to achieve successful technical scale-up for producing complex molecules such as Reb M.

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