Sugar Replacement Made Easy

NutraSweetM™ is a plant-based all-natural ingredient. The base ingredient behind our sugar-matching sweetness is Rebaudioside M, or Reb M, which is a sweet compound found in the leaf of a stevia plant. Rebaudioside M sets NutraSweetM™ apart from our competitors as many of them use other forms of stevia from the plant which are less soluble and result in a bitter taste.

History of Stevia
  • Stevia 1.0 – Whole Stevia Leaves

    Commercial use of stevia as a food and beverage sweetener first started in the 1970s in whole leaf form. Whole stevia leaves are used directly in dried or powdered form and are steeped in water or cooked in food to improve the taste. Click to read more about Stevia 1.0.

  • Stevia 2.0 – Rebaudioside A

    In 2008, the FDA approved Rebaudioside A purified from the stevia plant as a sweetener. Rebaudioside A is the primary sweet molecule found in the stevia leaf. Although it improves taste somewhat, Rebaudioside A is well known to still be mildly bitter, astringent, and have other undesirable taste attributes.Click to read more about Stevia 2.0.

  • Stevia 2.5 – Bitter Blockers

    Includes the use of bitter blockers and masking agents which make a better-tasting system, but are complicated and expensive.Click to read more about Stevia 2.5.

  • Stevia 3.0 – Rebaudioside M

    Simplifying Stevia. Rebaudioside M has taste attributes that are the most sugar-like of the highly sweet compounds found in the stevia plant.Click to read more about Stevia 3.0.

Why Stevia 3.0 Is Better

Stevia 2.0 – Rebaudioside A

  • Reb A 60 – Very low cost, bitter taste.
  • Reb A 80/90 – Low cost, poor taste.
  • Reb A 95/97 – 97% Reb A delivers a taste that is acceptable at low levels, yet still bitter and astringent at high levels.
  • Reb A/Reb B blends – Slightly improved taste at a slightly higher cost.

Stevia 3.0 – Rebaudioside M

  • Reb M – The key ingredient in NutraSweetM™. Delivers the best taste with exceptional solubility at an acceptable cost.

Not All Stevia Is Created Equal

NutraSweetM™ is Reb M, the best-tasting stevia ingredient with exceptional solubility. See how Reb M leads the industry when compared to others for uses of stevia:

  • NutraSweetM™ tastes more like sugar, therefore it is easier to use in formulations without expensive flavor maskers, enhancers, and other modulators.
  • NutraSweetM™ is the best-tasting stevia ingredient, expressing less bitterness, and other off-tastes than Reb A.
  • NutraSweetM™ is sweeter than Reb A, less NutrasweetM™ is needed in your formulations than you would need to use when sweetening with Reb A. This makes NutrasweetM™ a more cost-effective solution for your business.
  • Using NutraSweetM™ vs Reb A results in less foaming and faster bottling speeds.


NutraSweetM™ can achieve very high levels of sweetness without the aftertastes normally associated with stevia ingredients. Depending on the desired sweetness in the end product, the potency curve shown here for NutraSweetM™ as compared to sugar in water can be used to pick the ppm concentration you need to match your targeted sugar brix level. This should serve as a starting point for most formulation efforts. The acidity, temperature, and matrix type will slightly affect sweetness intensity, so sweetness should be adjusted as desired. Use the adjacent graph to find the appropriate ppm of Reb M for the corresponding sucrose equivalent.

NutraSweetM™ Stability

The stability of NutraSweaetM™ is very similar to Reb A. NutraSweetM™ shows good stability under heat processing conditions including UHT (ultra-high temperature) and HTST (High-temperature short time) typical for tea, sports drinks, dairy, and juice. NutraSweetM™ stability makes it suitable for dry and liquid applications such as bakery, yogurt, dairy drinks, flavored waters, sports drinks, confections, pudding, desserts, and snack bars. NutraSweetM™ is a powder and is stable for up to 2 years when stored properly at room or lower temperatures under low humidity conditions, In solution, it is most stable in pH 4–8 and less stable below pH 2. As expected with any sweetener, the stability decreases with increasing temperature and low pH levels.


NutraSweetM™ is soluble in room temperature water up to about 0.15%. Solubility is enhanced by increasing the temperature of the water as needed. NutraSweetM™ solubility at high levels can be achieved in food-grade solvents such as propylene glycol (PG), Glycerol, or 1,3-propanediol. When using NutraSweetM™, high shear mixing and agitation, as well as elevated temperature, will increase the rate of dissolution.