How much aspartame is contained in various products?

Below is the approximate aspartame content in several product categories. For specific information regarding individual products, the manufacturer should be contacted, as exact formulations differ with each manufacturer.

Product Category Serving Size Approximate
Aspartame Content
Carbonated Soft Drinks 12 ounces 180 mg
Gelatin Dessert 4 ounces 95 mg
Powdered Soft Drink 8 ounces 120 mg
Hot Chocolate 6 ounces 50 mg
Pudding 4 ounces 25 mg
Frozen Novelty 2 - 3 ounces 50 mg
Fruit Drink (10% juice) 6 ounces 70 mg
Breath Mints 1 mint 1.5 mg
Vitamins 1 vitamin 4 mg
Ice Cream 4 ounces 50 mg
Yogurt 8 ounces 124 mg
Gum 1 stick 6-8 mg

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